Get To Know FTO

Fashion Take Out (previously known as Haus Of Fashion) was founded in November 2013 Bettyna @TheeFashionPlug & husband Sean. At the time Bettyna, Sean and their 3 children Tafari, Sahara and Emma-Lee resided in New Jersey. During their stay in New Jersey Bettyna attended the New York Arts Institute studying Visual Fashion Merchandising and Marketing in the Fashion Field. All her life Bettyna has been inspired by fashion in all aspects starting from her late grandmother Yvette who was a seamstress and designer in both Haiti and Brooklyn, NY during the early 70's - 80s' era of Fashion.

Bettyna (@TheeFashionPlug) always knew one day should would actively be involved in the Fashion Industry some way some how! 

Bettyna (@TheeFashionPlug came up with the name Haus Of Fashion and later on her and Sean decided to rebrand, came up with the brilliant idea and current name Fashion Take Out in process of revamping the brand to stand out and be exclusive.

Bettyna (@TheeFashionPlug wanted to have a place where fashionistas, creatives like herself  and other stylish people can come to and find a variety of styles with amazing prices. It was a rough patch in the beginning where she struggled with having traffic on the web based boutique. Then a year later Bettyna was laid off from the job where she was employed at for five years and I didn't know what to do. She decided to devote time, energy and passion for fashion into her business.

"That downfall pushed me to to take life and my vision a little more seriously." - Bettyna 

Within a few months Bettyna and her family I relocated to the beautiful sunshine state Florida. "We packed our bags, I gave away my winter clothes, coats, shoes and sold our furniture! Yes you are reading correctly we just got up and left on the next flight to palm trees and mojitos." Bettyna figured she needed a fresh start and new beginning. Fast forward two years later Bettyna launched and opened a store front for Fashion Take Out in Fort Lauderdale (South Florida) The store was a more than a location to purchase items it became a creative space for art, creatives, designers, and other brands to call home. 

Fashion Take Out has now moved to Margate where it's now a showroom and partially a fulfillment center. Most orders can be picked up from this location by appointment only. 

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